Fancy isnt it? Something new isnt it? Looks good isnt it? Wanna learn how to do it? EASY! Read on…

Yes, Hungry!!! Feeling hungry can lead me to desperation to find the easiest way to cook creatively and most importantly real fast!!! Otherwise my tummy will be upset and “Someone gonna hurt real bad!”

I found some pasta in the kitchen but don’t want to have it with traditional tomato based sauce. I want something different. So I keep on digging and found the chinese sausage aka lap cheong in chinese.

Hmmm… what should i do with these two?

Okay to cut the story short, here are the ingredients:

  1. 500g of Pasta, i prefer shells or any short pasta will do
  2. 5 sticks of chinese sausage and cut into pieces
  3. 2 packs of Indomie Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) instant seasoning
  4. Fried shallot
  5. frozen mix vegetables
  6. 5 badly beaten egg


  1. Cook the pasta according to the instruction. Usually will take about 13-15mins.
  2. Throw all the vegetables into the cooking pasta during the last 3-4mins. (Use your sense to estimate hahaha)
  3. Drain pasta and vegetables. Rinse with cold water and keep aside.
  4. Heat up your frying pan, spray some oil and throw the chinese sausage. (Don’t cook for too long, just imagine you’re cooking bacon and again use your sense to estimate)
  5. Pour your badly beaten egg into the same frying pan and scramble it.
  6. Chuck in 1 pack of Indofood Nasi Goreng first and mix it together with the chinese sausage. Wait till the sauce heat up.
  7. Throw all pasta and vegetables into the same frying pan and start stir fried it.
  8. Feel free to chuck in the remaining pack of Indofood Nasi Goreng and keep on stirring until everything blend together and balance.
  9. Taste it and season it as you like, add some sugar if needed. In fact i did add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, and it taste better. :p

Tada… maybe the whole process took less than 30minutes and you made yourself stir fried pasta with chinese sausage and veges. Italian Meet Chinese!

Okay how does it taste?! Errrmmm not as good as expected hahaha… but definitely edible!!! Definitely better than eating bread and vegemite for dinner. Maybe i’m just not a good cook. My partner like it.

But for some of you who are curious and would like to try something different, just go ahead and try it. Hope you will like it. Fingercross…