Had a wonderful lunch at TuckShop today. Ordered the following:

1) Pork belly with chorizo, pepper, potato slice and egg

2) Lamb vege rosemary pie

3) Feta spinach mushroom with toast

4) Fries with skin on and gravy sauce (not in picture)

5) Green apple, lemon and ginger juice (not in picture)

6) Strawberry milkshake (not in picture)

7) Long Mac top up (not in picture)

Pork belly with chorizos is strongly recommended!!! Slurp slurp! The crispy pork skin/cracker and chorizos are the superstar for this dish.

Lamb vege rosemary pie… yum yum yum. This is not an ordinary pie. Even Mrs Mac might regret for not trying this pie herself! When you bite into the succulent juicy lamb chunks, it turns into layers of soft meat. Ohhhhhh….. It goes so well with the pastry too!

Portion is fulfilling as well for a big guy like me.

Strawberry milkshake is another thing that worth to mention here. It does taste different compare to others. It does taste original and not artificial. You know what I mean… Like real strawberry juice blend with the milk.

The place is small and can be quite busy so booking is recommended.

click here for their Facebook page and contact details.

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