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What a waste of space!!! LOL

This is what you will get after queuing for 2 days just to get the iPhone 5.

“Apple Mental Confusion” disease!!!

You don’t even know what you are talking anymore! LOL

If I was the interviewer, I will be WTF and WTH! But I admire his patience and being professional hahaha…


If Apple decided to use this ad, Android fans might forgive and want to buy it as their second phone!!!

Increase market share time!!!

Here is the link:

iPhone 5 review and 4G speed test in Sydney, Australia.  Will you upgrade? or jump ship to Android?

I personally won’t upgrade my iPhone 4S to 5. Not only it’s a waste of money and you won’t notice much of the different.

I definitely don’t want to be one of the victims in the youtube clip below:

Do you get what I mean now???!!!