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What a waste of space!!! LOL

This is what you will get after queuing for 2 days just to get the iPhone 5.

“Apple Mental Confusion” disease!!!

You don’t even know what you are talking anymore! LOL

If I was the interviewer, I will be WTF and WTH! But I admire his patience and being professional hahaha…


If Apple decided to use this ad, Android fans might forgive and want to buy it as their second phone!!!

Increase market share time!!!

Click here: Jockey Dean McWhinney rides on air during race fall from Sir Knox at Sunshine Coast

He might looks like taking the Gangnam style dance to another mighty level and what make it even better is that he doing it on the air (air doesn’t mean on tv or radio)!!!

Well it may looks funny on the photo but I am pretty sure it hurt real bad compare to PSY gangnam dance…

Look at the way his face touched and kissed the grass. OUCH!!!

PSY might be in maximum jealousy state now and start scratching his head for new ideas.

Hope he’s okay and recover well.