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As I do my normal morning routine which is reading some news article on the internet and I found the below topic on PerthNow…

Fuel spike: Perth petrol hits five-year high

My first instance thought was “Ai yai yai, Fuel price increased again! Lucky you that you’ve filled your tank on cheap Wednesday!”

Comparing to Brunei’s (where I’m originally from) petrol price make me feeling more worst! B$0.52/litre approx and yet Bruneian are paying for the top of the range petrol! It’s PREMIUM for god sake!

When I carry on reading and again this topic waved at me asking to read it…

Perth is Australia’s most expensive city, according to Numbeo

No words can describe my feeling now. I felt like my balls got kicked twice… It’s already hard enough to earn decent money since I’m a part time student and yet this thing keep coming in to discourage you… What a morning session I having here…

Maybe instead of being negative, I might as well having a laugh at the comments that people posted for the article…


Anyway I guess I need to enjoy every sip of coffee while I can and start figuring how to keep up with all the inflation!!!

Have a good day everybody… NOT!!!




Fancy isnt it? Something new isnt it? Looks good isnt it? Wanna learn how to do it? EASY! Read on…

Yes, Hungry!!! Feeling hungry can lead me to desperation to find the easiest way to cook creatively and most importantly real fast!!! Otherwise my tummy will be upset and “Someone gonna hurt real bad!”

I found some pasta in the kitchen but don’t want to have it with traditional tomato based sauce. I want something different. So I keep on digging and found the chinese sausage aka lap cheong in chinese.

Hmmm… what should i do with these two?

Okay to cut the story short, here are the ingredients:

  1. 500g of Pasta, i prefer shells or any short pasta will do
  2. 5 sticks of chinese sausage and cut into pieces
  3. 2 packs of Indomie Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) instant seasoning
  4. Fried shallot
  5. frozen mix vegetables
  6. 5 badly beaten egg


  1. Cook the pasta according to the instruction. Usually will take about 13-15mins.
  2. Throw all the vegetables into the cooking pasta during the last 3-4mins. (Use your sense to estimate hahaha)
  3. Drain pasta and vegetables. Rinse with cold water and keep aside.
  4. Heat up your frying pan, spray some oil and throw the chinese sausage. (Don’t cook for too long, just imagine you’re cooking bacon and again use your sense to estimate)
  5. Pour your badly beaten egg into the same frying pan and scramble it.
  6. Chuck in 1 pack of Indofood Nasi Goreng first and mix it together with the chinese sausage. Wait till the sauce heat up.
  7. Throw all pasta and vegetables into the same frying pan and start stir fried it.
  8. Feel free to chuck in the remaining pack of Indofood Nasi Goreng and keep on stirring until everything blend together and balance.
  9. Taste it and season it as you like, add some sugar if needed. In fact i did add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, and it taste better. :p

Tada… maybe the whole process took less than 30minutes and you made yourself stir fried pasta with chinese sausage and veges. Italian Meet Chinese!

Okay how does it taste?! Errrmmm not as good as expected hahaha… but definitely edible!!! Definitely better than eating bread and vegemite for dinner. Maybe i’m just not a good cook. My partner like it.

But for some of you who are curious and would like to try something different, just go ahead and try it. Hope you will like it. Fingercross…



Hanging out at The Bucket Cafe


Long mac top up


Hot chocolate


Chai latte

Went into the arcade after lunch wanting to have a coffee and bumped into this wonderful small cafe with warm and inviting set up. I like how they used the wood as the table top matches by small wooden chair which look really fragile. Since I am a big guy, I’m so worried that it will shattered into pieces by the time I sit on it annndddddd YES, it support my bum confidently.

I ordered my coffee and i was surprised that the latte art turned out to be really good!!! Good job from the barista!!! Ok latte art looks good and now how does it taste. I am not a professional coffee drinker so I can only judge by my personal preference. I had the long mac top up and I was quite disappointed with the milk density or smoothness or thickness or whatever you called it. The coffee was strong but it just a bit watery. But it was good, maybe I’m just being too harsh here  and hopefully it wont make you think the McD coffee are better than them.

Overall, the place is nice to hangout with friends especially when you are sitting outside under the nice weather and enjoying the back alley in the city with graffiti on the wall of the building and NO it’s not vandal grade graffiti that was done by the retard. It is the proper one.

Haven’t got the chance to try their food but seems like there are a lot of good reviews on urbanspoon.

Click here for The Bucket Cafe website.

I will rate this place 3 out of 5.

*Notes: When I was about to order my coffee, it come to my surprise that they actually sell “Kopi Luwak”. Coffee drinker should know what Kopi Luwak is. Kopi Luwak means Civet Coffee in Indonesia.  It may sound interesting and yet triggering your curiosity for those who never heard of it. Click here to read more about Kopi Luwak.

By this time, you should have read about Kopi Luwak and you might think “WTF or WTH?!” But don’t worry, it still taste like coffee. It cost me about US$10. Well you got to pay the premium for something that pop out from the civet isn’t it. I tried it once in Jakarta and I didn’t get any food poisoning or turning into civet or even giving me the idea to make some Human processed Coffee!

Bucket Cafe on Urbanspoon

Lunch at Tuckshop

Had a wonderful lunch at TuckShop today. Ordered the following:

1) Pork belly with chorizo, pepper, potato slice and egg

2) Lamb vege rosemary pie

3) Feta spinach mushroom with toast

4) Fries with skin on and gravy sauce (not in picture)

5) Green apple, lemon and ginger juice (not in picture)

6) Strawberry milkshake (not in picture)

7) Long Mac top up (not in picture)

Pork belly with chorizos is strongly recommended!!! Slurp slurp! The crispy pork skin/cracker and chorizos are the superstar for this dish.

Lamb vege rosemary pie… yum yum yum. This is not an ordinary pie. Even Mrs Mac might regret for not trying this pie herself! When you bite into the succulent juicy lamb chunks, it turns into layers of soft meat. Ohhhhhh….. It goes so well with the pastry too!

Portion is fulfilling as well for a big guy like me.

Strawberry milkshake is another thing that worth to mention here. It does taste different compare to others. It does taste original and not artificial. You know what I mean… Like real strawberry juice blend with the milk.

The place is small and can be quite busy so booking is recommended.

click here for their Facebook page and contact details.

The Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon

What a waste of space!!! LOL

This is what you will get after queuing for 2 days just to get the iPhone 5.

“Apple Mental Confusion” disease!!!

You don’t even know what you are talking anymore! LOL

If I was the interviewer, I will be WTF and WTH! But I admire his patience and being professional hahaha…

If Apple decided to use this ad, Android fans might forgive and want to buy it as their second phone!!!

Increase market share time!!!

Click here: Jockey Dean McWhinney rides on air during race fall from Sir Knox at Sunshine Coast

He might looks like taking the Gangnam style dance to another mighty level and what make it even better is that he doing it on the air (air doesn’t mean on tv or radio)!!!

Well it may looks funny on the photo but I am pretty sure it hurt real bad compare to PSY gangnam dance…

Look at the way his face touched and kissed the grass. OUCH!!!

PSY might be in maximum jealousy state now and start scratching his head for new ideas.

Hope he’s okay and recover well.

Here is the link:

iPhone 5 review and 4G speed test in Sydney, Australia.  Will you upgrade? or jump ship to Android?

I personally won’t upgrade my iPhone 4S to 5. Not only it’s a waste of money and you won’t notice much of the different.

I definitely don’t want to be one of the victims in the youtube clip below:

Do you get what I mean now???!!!